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A babysitter when you need it. Being a parent is far from easy. At times, it’s downright hectic!

And this matters to us. With a million things to worry about any given day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every babysitter featured on Kiid’s platform has a minimum of three years of experience, has completed a professional training and provided us with verified references. No criminal records are tolerated.

The best part? Your babysitters are available whenever you need. That’s one less thing to worry about!

Your family enjoyed their experience and would like to book the same babysitter again? If they are available, their profile will automatically show up in your search. If they aren’t available, the system will suggest someone else.

Consider it done.

We know that family life is full of surprises. That’s why our mission at Kiid is to help parents when unexpected events come up.

Need someone to pick up your child at school and drive them to soccer practice? Want an extra pair of hands for a birthday party? Would you like someone to tag along on your family trip next weekend?

Ask and you will receive!

Want us to fold laundry?
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Need us to prepare dinner?
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We can even drive Alex to his hockey practice.

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Marie-Pier Hébert President & Founder

How it began

Kiid was founded in Montréal by a young woman called Marie-Pier. She is a highly efficient, spontaneous person who adores children, and one of the rare individuals who truly believes that anything is possible. No is not an answer you will hear from her very often. Over the last 10 years, Marie-Pier has lived and worked on 4 continents. Coming from a strong hospitality background, she decided to use her experience in the service industry and in operations management to create a platform that would be simple, safe and reliable.
With the help of professionals, Marie-Pier personally trains each and everyone of the babysitters before sending them to your family. The safety of your kids while providing exceptional service are her top priorities.

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