Terms of Service

Kiid makes available to you an online babysitting service. Kiid does not directly provide babysitting services, but rather acts as an intermediary between the users of the Platform and third party babysitters. You acknowledge that Kiid does not act as a babysitter. The babysitting services that you benefit from by using the Platform are performed by independent third parties who are not employees or representatives or agents of Kiid.

Rates and availability of services are subject to change without notice. The errors found will be corrected quickly after being brought to our attention.

In addition to these Terms of Service, your purchase of services via the Kiid Platform is subject to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the website www.kiid.ca.

Purchase Agreement

By clicking on the button “[Book this babysitter]” on the site, you agree to retain the services of the applicable babysitter via your Kiid account, in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of the selection and subject to these Terms of Service, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy on the website www.kiid.ca.

You represent and warrant that you are of legal age to enter into an enforceable contract in the province where the services are retained.

Billing will be conducted at the time of the online reservation. Kiid only charges for the hours used. If the services are shortened, a credit of unused time will be given to you for your next reservation. If the services are extended, then the babysitter must be notified as soon as possible and adjust his or her schedule to accommodate you. Kiid oversees the babysitter’s transport. If services end after midnight, then a $10 fee is added.


You can pay for your transaction using a credit card issued in Canada by Visa™, MasterCard™ or American Express™. The services retained via your account are paid for using the credit card applicable to your account. In accordance with applicable laws, the applicable sales taxes will be applied to transactions carried out by you on the transactional pages of the Kiid Platform.


Once your transaction is finalized, we verify the validity of the information you have provided us, including your payment method and the babysitter’s terms of service. We reserve the right to stop the transaction without any obligation to provide justification. If we stop your transaction, we will notify you by e-mail to the address you provided us.

Generally, when we stop a transaction, we do not apply the amount to your credit card. Should this not be the case, we will refund the amount or we will ensure that an equivalent credit is credited to your credit card.

Once your transaction is finalized and validated, Kiid sends you a confirmation e-mail and a transaction receipt detailing all the terms and conditions applicable to the services retained and rendered. This confirmation e-mail constitutes a copy of the contract. It contains the description of the transaction performed and all the terms and conditions applicable to the services.

Cancellation Policy. We understand that unforeseen events can occur. It is possible to cancel a reservation by giving at least a 24 hours’ notice. If the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the scheduled time of service, then a fee of $25 will be charged.

Penalty, Non-Circumvention. If following your use of the Platform, you retain the services of a Kiid babysitter on a long-term basis without going through the Platform, a penalty of $650 will be charged to you directly and without notice.

Comments. Following the babysitting, you will receive an e-mail asking you to write a comment on the babysitter. This comment will be published on his or her profile. We strongly encourage you to do this in order to help other users make their choice when using our services.

If you would like to send a private comment to Kiid, it is of course possible to do so by sending an e-mail to info@kiid.ca. We take all comments seriously because they help us constantly improve our services!

Please send an e-mail to info@kiid.ca for any questions regarding the operation of the Kiid site.

To reach the service for users: info@kiid.ca or call (514) 819-1514 between 9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays).